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One of the most important CAA responsibilities is  the regulating and establishment of the National Aviation Legal System for  all the  aviation areas.

The  regulatory functions of the CAA related to the regulating are performed by  its International Legal Division.

Exercising  the regulatory functions regarding regulation, the CAA conducts:

  • Drafting and enactment of the safety, security, and economic aviation rules and regulations;
  • Transposition of the International and European standards and rules in the national legislation;
  • Initiating and conducting procedure for bilateral and multilateral aviation agreements;
  • Observing the other national rules and regulations in order to check if they are inline with the aviation national rules and regulations and ratified aviation international agreements.

CAA keep records of all aviation rules and regulations,as well as ratified multilateral agreements  which are in force in Republic of Macedonia in the ;Aviation Regulations Code; (ARC).

  Aviation Regulations Code ARC


Those Aviation Regulations that can not be open from this web site, it can be found by the regulation's official journal's number on the Official Journal web side: by clicking the "Free additions" item.

CAA maintain a  list of  the  bilateral air services agreements.


  List of Bilateral Agreements for Air Services 03.12.2015


CAA keep records of  all transposed International and European standards and rules within the  national rules and regulations:


  Status of transposition of JAA JARs
  Status of transposition of Eurocontrol ESARRs
  Status of transposition of EU Regulations and Directives part of ECAA Agreement 27.09.2016
  Status of transposition of ICAO Annexes – 15.09.2016


CAA conducts translations and  keep records of  all  transposed International and  European standards and  rules such as:

  • JAA-JARc
  • EU Regulations and Directives;
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