Aviation by-laws in respect of air navigation

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No. Document title Official Gazette

Regulation on procedure, rules and special requirements for inspection and special requirements to be met by a person to carry out inspection of provision of air navigation services



Regulation on method of provision of Air Navigation Services and special requirements in respect of required staff, equipment and other special requirements necessary for safe and regular work


No. 8/18



Decision on commencing a procedure on establishing state shareholding company for performing the activity of Air Navigation Service Provider

No. 133/08

Decision on Level charge for Air Navigation Services

No. 194/19
6.6 Regulation on duration of uninterrupted working time, duration of shifts and day rest of air traffic controller and assistant air traffic controller

No. 23/09

No. 94/14

6.7 Regulation on procedures and minimum requirements for safe take off and landing of airplanes

No. 191/15

No. 165/19

6.8 Regulation on the organization and use of the airspace


No. 194/19



Regulation on rules and requirements in respect of systems interoperability, their components and related procedures for provision of air navigation services with the European ATM network


Decision on establishing a Civil-Military Committee

No. 51-3557/1 from 30.07.2011

No. 41-6919/1 from 25.09.2012

No. 44-1408/1 from 25.04.2017


Regulation on form, content and procedure for issuing, renewal, extension and change of a Certificate of competency for provision of Air Navigation Services

No. 165/19

6.12 Decision for Designation of Air Navigation Services Provide No.177/19
6.13 Regulations for the manner of placing, maintenance and protection of the technical resources, devices and equipment to provide of Air Navigation Services No. 165/12
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